Dogs Get A Kick Out Of Kicksledding
- Article in written by Kevin Roberts

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Kicksleds and dogs in action
: Appalaches Park, Quebec, Canada

Kicksled Alberta

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ESLA Kicksleds from Finland are here.

Kicksleds have been around for over 100 years and are a winter mode of transportation like cross country skiing. The design of the kicksled has not changed much over the years. The best raw materials go into the manufacturing of the ESLA Kicksled. Knot free Finnish birch make up the frames of the ESLA Kicksled and runners made of a high quality galvanized spring steel. At this time we offer two sizes, the T6 for kicksledders 5ft to 6ft tall and the T7 for the 6ft plus kicksledder. You can carry a pack or you can carry a person on the seat on the seat of the ESLA Kicksled. Going ice fishing? Kicksleds are the ultimate for icefishing, Get around easily on the ice or snow and pack all your gear with you. The ESLA Kicksled seat can hold about 300LBS of gear. ESLA Kicksleds fold down flat for easy transport and are also very easy for almost anyone to pack around with them weighing only ~18LBS.
Kicksledding! Winter fun for everyone, including your dog!!

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from the Kicksled club Ketkupolkka, Helsinki< 1987-1999<